#3 Bake Classic Sourdough Bread Like a Pro

It's time to move to the next level and bake some of the best bread in the world.

Updated Oct 2015

Some of the reviews from my first sourdough baking course:

  • Teresa is the Sourdough Bread Whisperer...I was resistant to making it myself because it seemed so daunting. But Teresa is so calm and skilled that it eased my fear and allowed me to jump in whole heartedly. She is a natural teacher. The course is easy to follow and filled with so many useful tips. And the best part is that the bread is so wonderfully good. Best sourdough bread I have ever tasted, seriously!
  • This course and instructor are heaven sent....
  • Best Class Ever; from starting your sourdough starter to making the best breads, this course is worth it.
  • In my opinion, Teresa has earned 10 Stars. She's taken me from burnt hockey pucks to beautiful loves of bread that are in great demand by family and friends.
  • I loved it that everything is shown and discussed in a very clear manner.
  • Amazing gift that Teresa has in explaining the process Thanks...
  • With Teresa's help along the way I feel confident to make good bread. Her recipes are wonderful and explained well. The videos help immensely showing you the different stages of dough development.
  • This is a very clear, step-by-step course for all bread bakers - old and new.
  • This course is all kinds of wonderful
  • My best online baking class experience
  • She has a very warm, clear teaching style and genuinely knows her stuff.
  • I am in Baker's Heaven
  • Really loved this class and learned a ton! This lady knows her sourdough and is a great teacher.
  • My kitchen indeed whole house smells divine after baking these terrific bread recipes. I am an avid baker however never really got into baking bread. Well all that has changed since taking Teresa's artful amazing course. Highly recommend this course to any budding bread maker. Five star + Thank you
  • In this course you will learn how to bake several classic sourdough breads- some of the best breads in the world!
  • In easy step by step directions and videos, you will learn the craft of classic sourdough bread baking right in your own home.
  • This course will show you how to make your own sourdough starter and motherdough pre-ferment. It will cover the basics that all bakers need to know when baking with sourdough.

Some things you will learn about include:

  • Autolyse, what it is and why it is used for making bread.
  • Fermentation, what is fermentation?
  • Dough folding, how to develop dough without intensive keading.
  • Hydration and what it means. Hydration?? What's that?
  • Baker's percent, it's not hard!
  • Crust techniques, how to get a blistery crust.
  • Large holey crumb... to die for!
  • See how to handle sticky, wet dough, by observing!
  • Baking with steam in the home oven, an easy method.
  • Ingredients, what ingredients to use for baking bread.
  • How to modify gluten for health, sourdough is slow, fermented food.
  • Measuring, what you need to know.
  • Motherdough, pre-ferments and their use.
  • And more!

Then we will go on to bake up classic breads such as:

  • Baguettes
  • Old World Miche
  • Basic White
  • Country Hearth Sourdough
  • Flaxseed Heaven (modified version)
  • Mill Grain loaf
  • Dragon Baguettes
  • Ficelle
  • Fendu
  • And the children's favorite, Soft White Sandwich Sourdough Bread.

For anyone who has taken one of my other courses, the baking basics are pretty close to the same, a few basics will be different, but basics are... well... basic! The formulas are all different and the fun is out of this world!All of the breads are made using only sourdough (wild yeast) no commercial yeast is used.

This is a self paced course with no pressure and instructor support when you have any questions. Come on and join us!!

Intended Audience: This sourdough bread baking course is intended for intermediate and advanced bakers and professional bakers who would like to learn to bake REAL sourdough bread.

Make Your Own Sourdough Starter - Or Obtain One
How To Make Your Own Sourdough Starter E-Book
Feed Your Sourdough Starter to use for Baking
Explanation and Formula for Motherdough
Motherdough - See it being made.
Review of Section One
Sourdough Baking Basics
Baker's Glossary - Talk the Lingo!
Baking Equipment
What You Should Know About Measuring
Baking Ingredients
About Temperatures
Autolyse- What is it?
Hydration, what does it mean in baking terms?
Baking Method to Produce Steam in the Home Oven
Baker's Percent and How it Works - Don't be afraid - It's not so hard!
Review of Section Two
Sourdough Baking Techniques
Let's Start with a Real Classic - Baguettes!
Classic Baguettes Formula
Mixing up Classic Skinny Baguettes
Autolyse and Folding the Dough
Shaping the Baguette Dough
Make Your Own Lame (Dough Scoring Tool)
Baking Baguettes
Finished Baguettes
Baguette Variation - Dragon Tail Baguettes and Ficelle
Ficelle - Scale and Final-shape the Dough
How to Cover the Crust in Seeds.
Bake the Ficelle - Delicious Mini- Baguettes!
Shape Dragon Baguettes- funny looking baguettes!
It's Time to Bake Dragontail Baguettes
Finished Dragontail Baguettes and Ficelle (Mini - Baguettes)
Review of Section Three
Double Hydration Method- What is it?
Mill Grain Loaf - The Formula
Mill Grain Loaf - Time to Toast Some Seeds/Grains
Mill Grain Loaf - It's Time to Mix the Dough!
Mill Grain Loaf - Let's Incorporate the Seed Mixture
Mill Grain Loaf - Time for Folding and Double Hydration
Mill Grain - Pre-shape and Final Shaping of the Loaves.
Mill Grain - Pre-shape and Final Shaping of the Loaves.
Mill Grain Loaf - Baking the Boule
Mill Grain Loaf - Finished Loaves - Time to slice!
Flaxseed Heaven Sourdough Bread Formula
Flaxseed Heaven Mix the Dough
Flaxseed Heaven Bulk Ferment
Flaxseed Heaven Fold the Dough
Flaxseed Heaven Shape the Dough
Flaxseed Heaven Let's Bake Bread!
Flaxseed Heaven - The Finished Loaves - Delicious!
Review of Section 4
Test Your Knowledge
Pre-Ferments - What are They ?
Motherdough - A Word about Making motherdough.
Motherdough - How to Make Motherdough
Soft White Sandwhich Loaf - The Formula
Soft White Sandwich Loaf - Mix up the Preferment
Soft White Sandwich Loaf - Make the Roux
Soft White Sandwich Loaf - Mix the Dough
Soft White Sandwich Loaf- Bulk Ferment and Fold
Soft White Sandwich Loaf - Time to Shape Your Loaves
Soft Sandwich White Loaf - Let's Bake
Soft Sandwich White Loaf - Finished Loaves
What Could be More Classic Than Miche? - The Formula
Miche - Let's mix up some dough using motherdough.
Miche - Time to Bulk Ferment and Fold
Miche - Shape the Dough
Miche - Let's Bake the Monster Loaf!
Miche - The Finished Loaf - Slice it Open!
About Dough Development
Basic White Sourdough - The Formula
Basic White Sourdough - Mix the Dough
Basic White Sourdough - Autolyse - Bulk Ferment and Folding
Basic White Sourdough - Shape the Dough
Basic White Sourdough - Proof and Bake!
Basic White - The Second Loaf - Prep the Crust
Basic White - The Finished Loaves - Slice the Bread!
Modification of the Basic White Loaf - How to get Great Blisters
Modification of the Basic White Loaf - Finished Loaf - Slice the Bread!
Review of Section Five
Country Hearth Sourdough Bread - The Formula
Country Hearth Sourdough- Let's mix the dough!
Country Hearth Sourdough - Autolyse and Folding.
Country Hearth Sourdough - Fendu Shaping
Country Hearth Sourdough - Let's bake the Fendu!
Second Hearth Country Sourdough- Let's bake!
Country Hearth Sourdough - The Finished Loaves and Slicing.
Bonus Lecture: Onion Rye with Caraway Seeds -Formula
Onion Rye - Caramelize Your Onion First
Onion Rye - Let's Mix the Dough
Onion Rye - Bulk Ferment and Folding
Onion Rye - Shaping the Loaves
Onion Rye - Final Proofing and Scoring
Time to Bake Some Rye Bread!!
Onion Rye with Caraway Seeds- The Finished Loaves
Conclusion - Good bye and Thank you!
Bonus Resource Area for Links and Resources

What's included

  • 65 Video Lessons
  • 34 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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